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The Power of Association-Driven Data Analytics

Author: Easton Kuboushek, MPA

At Amplify, we believe associations have the power to impact entire industries. Big surprise, right?

Traditionally non-profit and trade associations elevate their industry through advocacy, education, certifications and (or) events. But recently, forward-thinking associations have found big opportunities in big data as a new way to bring value to their members.

Buzz words aside, associations are well-positioned to lead data revolutions. As mission-driven organizations, associations can distinguish themselves from private businesses to unite member companies around sharing, aggregating and analyzing information at scale.

Take our friends at the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) for example. In 2017, NASGW directors recognized two truths:

  1. Good data in their industry was hard to find
  2. Together, their members moved up to 80% of products depending on the category

An idea was born:

Imagine if our members anonymously aggregated their data into a single platform?

The powerful idea took form as the NASGW SCOPE initiative. With leadership from Amplify, SCOPE has elevated the way data is collected, standardized and analyzed in the sporting goods industry — and an association is leading the way.

“The SCOPE suite of platforms has given NASGW the ability to take point on data in our industry, providing information to members that was simply not available to them previously,” said Kenyon Gleason, NASGW President. “The team at Amplify has helped us dream, create and implement a tool that will have a monumental impact on our association’s future success.”

How is your industry collecting and utilizing data? Could your association take the lead?

Let’s explore the next opportunity for your association.

The Power of Association-Driven Data Analytics