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Author: Easton Kuboushek, MPA

Around the Kuboushek house, we’re all about efficiency.

For example, my wife loves how efficient I am when it comes to reducing loads of laundry by using the 3-Basket System® (patent pending).

In a normal, inefficient, 2-basket system, a home has one basket for dirty clothes and another for clean clothes yet to be folded. While this archaic system gets the job done, I often found myself holding clothes that were too clean to be dirty and too dirty to be folded back in the drawer. The default, therefore, became the hamper.

The revolutionary 3-Basket System allows for a comprehensive laundry management solution whereby not-so-clean and not-too-dirty items may be stored properly until full dirty status has been achieved.

Traditional 2-Basket System

+ 1 Basket


= 3-Basket System®


- Total Laundry

- Energy Consumption

- Asset Depreciation


= Maximum Laundry Efficiency

It should be noted that data supporting this theory have yet to be reviewed and early adopters have experienced a significant increase in satirical arguments with their spouse.

As I digress, the theme of productivity and efficiency are certainly important in the workplace. I’ve found that utilizing tools and building effective systems can not only improve overall productivity — it improves the quality and speed of awesome outcomes.

Here are a few gadgets and gizmos that rival the 3-Basket System at work:


Grammarly takes spellcheck to a new level. I have the plug-ins installed on all of my email apps, web browsers and even the keyboard on my phone. The app allows me to keep thinking critically, instead of technically, when drafting communications. The premium version also checks for tone and vocabulary if writing isn’t your strength.

Tab Groups in Google Chrome

More recently, I’ve adopted the use of tab groups in Google Chrome. If you find yourself with too many windows open, try grouping your tabs by project or account. You can also adjust your settings to open your tab groups every morning to where you left off.


For those of you who schedule multiple meetings a day or manage multiple email accounts, clients or projects, Calendly can significantly reduce the number of emails passed back and forth to schedule a meeting. The app connects your calendars and multiple meeting platforms to allow the person you’re coordinating with to find a time convenient for them, and you, in one communication.

Adobe Sign, Proposify or DocuSign

Similar to scheduling a meeting, finalizing and signing contracts can be a hassle. Removing the print, sign, scan cycle can give hours back to the contract execution process. I don’t have a preference on the system, but have had good experiences with these three.

Microsoft Teams

Teams has come along way over the past year. The Amplify Team has adopted the collaborative chat-style communication system and basically completely done away with internal emails. The integration of video conferencing and Office 365 tools is also nice.

With any cool software, it’s only as effective as the people and processes using them. For example, the 3-Basket System works well for me but my wife… not so much (if you couldn’t tell). At work, however, the tools above have consistently helped my productivity and professionalism over the years — I hope they’ll support you and your team.

What are some of your favorite productivity hacks? Any solutions for efficient laundry management?

Productivity Gadgets & Gizmos