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Do Your Systems Play Nice?


Don't you love that feeling when everything is working in sync?

Like a fine-tuned, Swiss watch. Like a college basketball team executing plays effortlessly and swishing basket after basket. Everything firing on all cylinders. It may be hard to remember that concept after the disruptive year we’ve experienced, but if you close your eyes and concentrate, you might be able to remember that amazing feeling of being in sync.

System integration for associations is very similar. Harmony is achieved when databases, websites, communication platforms and talent work together effortlessly. Our most productive and efficient associations link systems and software applications together so they function seamlessly as one. This is the holy grail for operations.

System integration speeds up information flows, improves productivity, increases quality and accuracy, provides efficiency and security, and reduces costs.

In our working environment at Amplify, member databases are integrated with our client websites. This means, when a member registers for a meeting, purchases a product or changes their address online, all that information is recorded in the database immediately. Your staff doesn’t spend time entering those transactions into the database after the fact.

  • The change is made in real-time and used immediately by all systems
  • The information is more accurate coming directly from the source
  • Staff doesn’t waste time manually entering data
  • There is less chance of human error
  • Security is improved
  • It costs less to maintain, upgrade, trouble-shoot and train staff on one integrated system than many, individual systems

Finally, member databases are integrated with our communication systems. When we want to email a group of members, we choose that group and then email everyone at once. We don’t have to send out emails one at a time. We don’t spend time and effort exporting email addresses out of our database and then importing them into the communication system. The addresses are always current. And, if we want to personalize the email, the member’s information is also housed in the database, ready for use.

So, while we’re not the Iowa State Cyclones in route to March Madness, at Amplify we understand the importance of system integration for effective business operations, reduced costs and the huge advantage it provides our clients and staff.

Do your systems play nice with each other? Let's connect to explore what's working well and opportunities to improve you association systems!

Do Your Systems Play Nice?